November 17 Tweet Rodeo

Where would you like to see more street food? @ShackAttacks wants your input, @IzzysIceCream extends their pint sale, @Cookbook posts a recipe for yam leek soup, @MNBeer announces a growler sale at Great Waters, @LucyWaverman provides a mushroom crostini recipe, and @The_Wedge further promotes the King Corn / Big River film showing on Wednesday night […]


October 7 Tweet Rodeo

Virtually everyone in the MN food / Twitter world has been preoccupied with last night’s Twins game — @France44Cheese waved cheesecloth instead of a homer hanky, @KatieBips passed up the game to taste-test (and blog about) @The_Anchor_Mpls, @FlatEarthBrew announces that growler sales this week are today instead of the usual Thursday, @Doniree checks out popular […]