Frank Bruni

November 4 Tweet Rodeo

Why is coarse salt called “Kosher” salt? @TheEcofoodie links to a @Chow_COM article, @MarcusCooks reminisces on making svartsoppa (blood soup) in Sweden with his grandmother, @France44Cheese currently stocks a diverse selection of blue cheese, @FrankBruni responds to @TomSietsema’s query on the “perfect restaurant review” and the job of the food critic, and @AndrewZimmern just can’t […]


September 22 Recipe Roundup

Tarte tatin with local apples, Dutch oven chicken and dumplings (using campfire and stove), candy cane beet and toasted almond salad, and caramel apple and pear cake plus a meditation on Minnesota apples. Apple bonus: Frank Bruni, formerly of the New York Times, tries his first Honeycrisp.