Fork the Fire

March 16 Morning Roundup

A (no claws) review of the culinary-student staffed Gourmet Gallery, new thoughts on the ancient 5-8 vs. Matt’s thing, RIP Warehouse District Sawatdee, Dara declares the Great Sun Buffet “better than Snoodles,” your chance to win a year of free organic milk from Organic Valley, and Rick wraps up Fork the Fire.


March 15 Tweet Rodeo

@Tastebud_Tart provides a recipe for Japanese-inspired quick pickles, @TCFoodies gives the scoop on Mr. BBQ, @AndrewZimmern craves pineapple upside down cake, and @BirchwoodCafe, @CafeTwentyEight, @ZahtarByFhima, @Spoonriver1, and @Meritage_StPaul report strong turnouts for yesterday’s Fork the Fire event.


March 12 Morning Roundup

The Journal-Sentinel covers a packed raw milk hearing in Eau Claire [via Chef Chris], a rumination on seeds, Glenn Beck, and the apocalypse, Dara reveals that Wild Acres turkey drumsticks will be served up at the new Twins Stadium, there’s a new pizza place opening near the excellent Cave Vin, MNBeer’s got the pretty new […]