Local Ballpark Eats and the Morning Roundup

Zahtar out, Rare in — the Lifetime Fitness / [formerly] David Fhima brainchild is rebranded as “less Moroccan, more steakhouse;” Johnny Michaels voices his opinion on shandies and beer on the rocks — at times to interviewer Jason Ross’ chagrin, Iggers comments on age-appropriate eating out, the arboretum hosts a “toast and taste” event this […]


June 21 Morning Roundup

MPR covers some dramatic labor troubles at Murray’s; five new Juicy Lucys are debuting at the 5-8 Club this week [details via PDF]; the one-man crusade against ladies’ nights; Fruits of the City is gearing up for its 2010 season of gleaning; Minnesota Cooks, Natura Farms, and Forepaugh’s on the Localicious podcast; a PiPress profile […]


April 19 Tweet Rodeo

This Saturday is @GuseGreenGrocer’s celebration of National Soy Month, and there are goodies in it for you; @ZahtarByFhima previews another Fhima restaurant, @SewardCoop nearly mistakes Rochdale butter for cheese, @SurdyksLiquor provides some wine-chilling tips, @ChocolatCeleste urges you to stop by before they close this weekend, and @ChefShack1 sells an ice cream truck.