Feburary 1 Morning Roundup

A guy in Iowa bought and plans to do gastronomic stuff with an entire pig, passionate praise for the sea bass soup at Quang, Dara offers a run-down of the area’s best cheap(ish) steaks, the story behind “mother-in-law” eggs, and Citizen Cafe in South Minneapolis is dropping Tuesday through Thursday breakfast service and adding a […]


November 16 Recipe Roundup

Insight into tortano (an Italian holiday bread), miso ginger soup with tofu noodles, tagliarelle with chives and truffle butter, pelmeni (dumplings), the third part of the Gastronomy612 Russia series, Breast of Chicken (For Two to Eat Twice), rosemary baked eggs with parmesan, and a smoky chipotle mock duck burrito.


October 14 Recipe Roundup

Eggs in tomato sauce over crusty bread with cheese, a cocktail recipe for a Snakebite & Black via our globetrotting intern emeritus, pork, potato, and tomatillo stew, chai-brined pork chops, cheddar beer cheese fondue (and a story about Crystal Grobe and Bill Roehl), and Fitgers’ vegetarian chili.