“Low-cal” Honey and July 21 Tweet Rodeo

@CoffeeBrigade enjoys the @France44Cheese smoked turkey sandwich, @HotDishBlog reports on how to score a free @NoodlesSandwich, @StephMarch and @ForkKnifeSpoon bemoan the added sugar in many┬ásalad dressings (“they’re a crime… unless they contain fruit”), and @FairFoodFight recounts a calorie counter’s accidental desire for local food.


May 13 Recipe Roundup

Souffle omelet with spring vegetables, baked potato soup, raspberry ribbon cookies, arepa dumplings with spicy roasted tomato sauce and powdered pork, Cream of Asparagus Soup A La Meriwether’s, rhubarb berry ice and compote, crab or tuna salad in avocado halves, and lemon walnut dressing.