Crescent Moon

Butcher and the Boar and Morning Roundup

Don’t send local apples to Western states, Rick and Dara have details on Jack Riebel’s new “craft” food and bourbon restaurant (Butcher and the Boar), Duplex, Fusion, and other restaurants got fined for illegal alcohol purchases, a new Italian restaurant in Woodbury called Carmine’s, a positive assessment of Roat Osha in Uptown, Harriet Brewing has […]


January 4 Morning Roundup

… And we’re back. Cheese Underground’s five favorite new Wisconsin cheeses of 2009 (Hook’s 15-year cheddar deserves at least an honorable mention), Rick Nelson reviews the 2009 Twin Cities food scene, a head-to-head comparison of IKEA and Ingebretsen’s meatballs, insight into buying ethical dairy and eggs, adventures in worcestershire sauce, thoughts about Crescent Moon and […]


Mar. 16 Morning Roundup

Ed Kohler puts his finger on what’s wrong with many restaurant websites and also IDs a solution, MNBeer has all the best haps at the Muddy Pig, The American Burger is opening at 345 N. Wabasha in St. Paul next week (via Surly’s Twitter channel), and Chowhounds chat about a new location of the Afghan […]