Plaudits for Tacolmeca

Bill Roehl hits gem-in-the-rough Mexican joint Tacolmeca in Burnsville and delivers a number of verdicts in his patented paint-peeling uncensored style: “I dug in to the tamale first. It was a bit overdone for my liking but the parts that weren’t burned to a crisp were spicy and flavorful”; “I switched over to the Cuban […]


May 18 Morning Roundup Part II

The Four Firkins welcomes Schells Brewery and offers free samples from 6-8pm tonight, a passionate discussion of authenticity and whether local food can ever compare to that of New York on Chowhound in regards to Tian Jin, Anna from True Thai breaks it down vis-a-vis different types of rice (sticky rice contains tryptophan!), MSPD finds […]