Blue Ox

Pizza Love and February 17 Tweet Rodeo

@France44Cheese recommends a worthwhile appenzeller, @SurdyksLiquor starts their whiskey and ale sale (time to stock up!), @MannysTortas offers a buy one get one half off deal on tortas for Neighborhood Night, @JP_Samuelson provides an update on Sopranos, @BlueOxCoffeeCo inquires about the necessity of a dipper well, and today’s the last day for free V-Day @PunchPizza.


#Meatloaf and October 25 Tweet Rodeo

@MarthaandTom call @PunchPizza on their lack of a public recycling bin, @YoungChef2 urges you to vote for the next recipients of the James Beard Foundation Award, @Celebr8nGenr8n gets challenged to a throw-down, @SweetMsFarm has a few half hogs available for order, @BlueOxCoffeeCo wants to know where to buy good demitasse and cappuccino cups, and @KateNtheKitchen […]