Black Forest

Mega Muskies and Morning Roundup

A look at (locally produced) Joia soda, the hunt for monster muskies in Lake Calhoun, a tour of the North Loop neighborhood and its eateries, everybody loves Vincent (particularly during Restaurant Week), the background on the gunshot-riddled art photo at the Black Forest, the agony continues for Minnesota booze dispensaries, and a brief look at […]


Summit Golden Ale and July 19 Tweet Rodeo

@TCCraftBeer asks for feedback on the latest release in theĀ @SummitBeer Unchained series (if you haven’t tried it yet, stop by @LongfellowGrill or @GrovelandTap tonight), @CheeseGeek muscles through the process of making hand-stretched mozzarella with an expert, @AmesFarmHoney updates on damage from Saturday’s storm, @HotDishBlog explains why Black Forest doesn’t tweet, and @GastroNonGrata holds another event […]