Big River

November 19 Morning and Catch-All Omni Wrapup

An epic sandwich review of the Los Ocampo Torta Cubana, pre-Thanksgiving jitters, part 2 of Lee’s SGT interview with director of Big River, the Strib’s Bill Ward presents the ABCs of holiday drinks, farewell to the Whistling Bird in Gilbert, Dara is legitimately excited about Il Gatto, praise for the charming Everett’s in South Minneapolis, […]


November 17 Tweet Rodeo

Where would you like to see more street food? @ShackAttacks wants your input, @IzzysIceCream extends their pint sale, @Cookbook posts a recipe for yam leek soup, @MNBeer announces a growler sale at Great Waters, @LucyWaverman provides a mushroom crostini recipe, and @The_Wedge further promotes the King Corn / Big River film showing on Wednesday night […]