October 8 Tweet Rodeo

For those who are nostalgic about the fresh Scandinavian flavors of Aquavit (in MN, at least), check this out: Marcus Samuelsson will be signing his latest cookbook, “New American Table,” at @CooksCrocusHill next Wednesday. On a more local level, @SweetCheeksBaby’s ‘Roles are on sale today, @CafeCyan offers a slightly more refreshing (and less stinky) recipe […]


September 25 Morning Roundup

Zimmern sings the praises of Brasa’s goat, tough words about the media conspiracy that brought down Whole Hog Heaven, high praise for Gyropolis in Bloomington, Cheese and Champagne samples some excellent Wisconsin blue cheeses from Seymour Dairy Crest and Roth Käse, South 12th asks why we can’t get high-falutin Scandinavian food around here (didn’t Aquavit […]


An Ode to Aquavit

How to drink Aquavit, via a long and lovingly written Strib feature on the Danish “water of life”: Pour into a frozen aquavit glass…. Lift glass toward mouth and pause. Stare into eyes of everyone else holding a glass. Say the obligatory Danish toast, “Skaal.”