Northbound Smokehouse and Brewpub, Rail Station, Sweet Ducky Cupcakery, and more

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Northbound Smokehouse and Brewpub (opens this summer)

2724 E 38th St, Minneapolis | 612.328.1450 |

The Smokehouse Brewpub project in South Minneapolis has been rechristened Northbound Smokehouse and Brewpub and will open this summer for owners Jamie Robinson, Amy Johnson, and Bryce Strickler.

Submitted by Jamie Robinson

Robinson, the brewmaster and a Town Hall alum, is planning six beers on tap — four regulars and two seasonals — and Chef Strickler is working to develop a menu that relies heavily on smoked meats and fish.

Both are quick to point out that Northbound will not serve barbecue. Rather, it will be akin to a Northwoods smokehouse, with Strickler curing everything in-house.

“I’ve been working a lot with beer brines and things like that,” Strickler said. “The menu is going to be based off of locally grown and raised meats, and it’s going to be a lot of sandwiches. Just working-class, blue-collar food. Simple, cheap, affordable, because everyone likes a good smoked sandwich.”

Strickler said he’s enjoyed experimenting with the menu to provide approachable classics — like a house-smoked whitefish dip.

“It’s a cream cheese and whitefish dip that’s served on bruschetta,” he said. “It’s really simple and straightforward, but the flavor is fantastic. I’m also really excited about the porketta sandwich. It’s something really popular from the Iron Range, and one of my favorite things to eat, so we have to have that on the menu somewhere. We’re going to have house-smoked bacon for fresh BLTs … bacon is nature’s candy, man.”

As for the beer, Robinson said the seasonal beers would his chance to experiment, while the four year-round beers would offer solid versions of popular styles.

“The lightest one is going to be a honey wheat weighing in at around 5.2 percent alcohol,” he said. “It’s got a dry finish and it’s really honey-forward, unlike other honey beers that just have a hint of honey in them, so that’ll be your summer beer, your patio beer. Then we’ll have the Light Rail Pale Ale, and that’s going to be pretty hop-forward at 45 IBU, again, dry and crisp. It’s going to be done primarily with cascade hops, so it’s going to be pretty familiar to people; if they’re familiar with Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale, it’s a step toward a more hop-forward style of that.

“We’re also going to have an IPA, and it’s going to be a big IPA. We’re dialing it in to about 7.2 percent alcohol and 90-95 IBUs. Big, big malt backbone, big hop-forward beer. We’re calling that Big Jim IPA, after my dad. Then we’ve got the smoked porter, where it’s not actually a smoked porter, it’s got a smoked undertone to it so it’s five percent smoked malt with my base porter recipe.”

Johnson, the brewpub’s manager, said Northbound was committed to having educated staff, and would require its servers to be “cicerone-certified beer servers” and pass a 60-question beer-knowledge test.

“If you can pass that test you know what you’re talking about,” she said. “Maybe you’re not super-beer-geeky, but you know your basics and you know how to speak intelligently to beer aficionados and also people who don’t know anything about beer.”

Northbound also plans to stock a full bar, with a list of whiskeys as well as several varieties of Bloody Marys.

“It’ll be exciting to have a nice whiskey and bourbon list,” Johnson said. “We probably won’t go too crazy. I saw a picture of Butcher and the Boar’s back bar and I was like, um, we won’t have that many. But we’ll try to have a nice one.”

Rail Station Bar & Grill (expanded to 40 beer taps)

3675 Minnehaha Ave S, Minneapolis | 612.729.3663 |

It’s an established joint, but the Rail Station in South Minneapolis has undergone a colossal change: upping its tap beer list to 40 and making a serious dedication to craft beers. There are now four Summit taps, three Schell’s taps, two each of Brau Brothers and Surly, and a mix of other locals including Harriet, Lift Bridge, Fulton, and Lucette.

As for food, The Tap reader Lisa Zara wrote to recommend the parmesan crusted veggie melt; you have to think the Rail Station is getting serious about quality when even its vegetarian items, instead of being the usual repurposed Gardenburgers and their ilk or overlooked entirely, are being seriously lauded. Plus, the Rail Station still has its meat raffle and bar bingo.

Sweet Ducky Cupcakery (opens late March / early April)

117 W Churchill St #2, Stillwater | 651.472.1150 | Find it on Facebook

Specializing in filled cupcakes, with coffee and other goodies planned, Sweet Ducky Cupcakery is getting set to open in Stillwater. Bakers (and sisters) Nancy Zimmerman and Sally Hanks got the urge to do something special in memory of Zimmerman’s daughter, Andrea, who was killed in a car accident in early 2010, and Sweet Ducky — Andrea’s nickname — was born.

“Nancy and Sally really just want to bake,” said CEO Michael Hanks, Sally’s husband. “That has been a passion for quite some time. Andrea brought smiles and happiness to the family and friends. In her memory we want to give that to the community. Our signature product will be our filled cupcake. For example, our lemon cupcake will have a lemon curd filling.”

Hanks said Sweet Ducky Cupcakery should open in early spring.

Becca Dilley / Heavy Table


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