Moussaka at Ansari’s Mediterranean Grill and Lounge

Kelly Hailstone/Heavy Table
Kelly Hailstone / Heavy Table

When is the phrase “gloppy, mushy pile of meat and other miscellany” ever used to describe appetizing food? When one is talking about the moussaka ($14, $9 at lunch) served up by Ansari’s Mediterranean Grill & Lounge in Eagan. Ansari’s, a charmingly converted Baker’s Square tucked behind a Dairy Queen on a quiet back road, takes this traditional Greek entree to the upper ranks of thoroughly satisfying comfort food.

How do they do it? By layering seasoned eggplant, cinnamon-tinged ground beef, and a downy sheet of cheesy egg custard, then baking it all together. The blimpy heap of goodness is then draped in a zesty tomato sauce that snaps harmoniously against the mellowness of the custard. The ground beef is minced, so much, in fact, that it has a velvety texture that melds nicely with the soft meatiness of the eggplant.

The dish arrived at the table steaming hot, a tubby mound so soft and jiggly it could have been served in a bowl and eaten with a spoon, like porridge. Mmmm… gloppy has never tasted so good.

Ansari’s is the sister restaurant to Eagan mainstay Mediterranean Cruise Cafe, which opens in a new Burnsville location at 12500 Nicollet Ave. today. Bellydancers hit the floor Thursday through Saturday at 8 and 9pm.

Ansari’s Mediterranean Grill & Lounge

Mediterranean in Eagan
1960 Rahncliff Ct.
Eagan, MN 55122
OWNER: Jamal Ansari
Daily 11am-2am
BAR: Yes


  1. Kris

    Thanks for giving this place some press! They’re just down the street from me, tucked away from Cliff and 35E (thanks to the City of Eagan for denying their request for a taller sign so they could be visible from the highway). I really hope they succeed as multiple trips have produced happy diners every time. They have non-Mediterranean offerings for the ethic shy, including an outstanding stuffed Portobello mushroom. Very well made hummus, excellent calamari, great gyros…I could go on and on.

  2. Bill Roehl


    I thought the food was just eh on my visit. With the Mediterranean Cruise Cafe now open in its new location in Burnsville, you’re probably better off going there instead.

  3. Kris

    I am looking forward to checking out the new Cruise digs but this place is actually within walking distance from my house, which is a big plus. Also looking forward to checking out that little Mexican market/diner just over in Burnsville.

  4. kory

    My wife and i went to mediterranean cruise cafe a few years ago. scary belly dancers and the food gave my wife reflux that hasn’t gone away. not kidding.

  5. Matthew

    Ansari’s is wonderful, I was a frequent eater at the MCC and ever since I found Ansari’s I havent gone back, food is better, service is 100% better(service was always poor at the med cruise). First time I went was when they first opened and they were a little shakey in the beginning but they fixed all there little kinks right away.. If you havent gone, go and try it.. Best Mediterranean food around.


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