Mexican Corn at Get Sauced

Tricia Cornell / Heavy Table
Tricia Cornell / Heavy Table

This was going to be a short piece about the kalbi pork sandwich. What better expression of the Get Sauced food truck’s high-flavor Latin-Asian-American fusion than a saucy pile of barbecued pork on a soft bun?

And then we tasted the Mexican Corn ($4). It’s just a side dish, a little might-as-well-since-we’re-here addition. And it totally stole the show.

You can’t really call it elote, the guy taking our order reminded us. That’s what corn on the cob is called in Mexico. This is corn charred over the grill and cut off the cob, but it is flavored with the toppings inspired by way elote is served as a street snack in Mexico, often slathered with mayo and rolled in cheese and chili powder.

Tricia Cornell / Heavy Table
Tricia Cornell / Heavy Table

The guys at Get Sauced toss the corn kernels with a very lightly spiced aioli, tangy with lime and chili, along with chopped cilantro and plenty of crumbly cotija cheese. It’s so simple, but we couldn’t keep our forks out of it. The magic ingredient was the grill — the most prized bites were definitely the ones with nearly blackened bits of corn.

Tricia Cornell / Heavy Table

When the corn was gone, we remembered the kalbi pork and barbecue pulled chicken sandwiches we had started (both $8). Like the corn, the kalbi tasted distinctly of the grill, in a good way. Finely shredded and tender, rich and tangy with ginger and soy, the pork was the better of the two sandwiches. The barbecue sauce on the hefty chunks of chicken breast was very sweet and a little flat.

Both were served on a good, substantial, sweet, soft bun. But they also came with forks sticking straight up out of them, because the bun is entirely beside the point. There’s just no way we could pick up either of these babies. Instead, we forked up bits of saucy meat and thought longingly of the corn we had just finished.

It just goes to show, there are no small parts on the stage… or at a food truck.

(A side note: Get Sauced is the fastest food truck ever. We had barely paid for our order when our sandwiches were in our hands.)

Tricia Cornell / Heavy Table

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