Is Pop! Restaurant’s Fate Sealed?

A reader writes: “I just walked past and saw a letter in the window announcing the closing of Pop! (case in point: their website is down) after 7 years. Just across Johnson Street, the owner of The Coffee Shop NE said the letter appeared yesterday, 8/16, and that the downtown St. Paul Pop!! is also closed.” PiPress’s Kathie Jenkins confirms that, while the St. Paul location isn’t necessarily closed for good, it’s certainly a tenuous decision.

UPDATE: Per an e-mail from Pop!!, the Minneapolis¬†location has been sold, with closure effective immediately. In the meantime, Pop!! St. Paul¬†will “close temporarily in hopes of restructuring.”


  1. mindtron

    interesting…on Sunday I attempted to go to brunch at Pop and there was a sign saying they wouldn’t be serving Brunch until Fall due to Clark’s car accident.

  2. Moe

    That’s too bad. I really enjoyed Pop in NE the one time I went like 5 years ago, so I was excited to see them open up a place downtown St. Paul, but the one time I went there, it was just ok.

    So, who will be be next to open up a place in that cursed location. Or has everything just moved to Mears Park area (which wouldn’t be a bad thing at all).

  3. BigDubb

    Doesn’t surprise me. The menu hasn’t changed in 7 years, the quality of the food, as well as the service has steadily gone down hill.

  4. geoff

    “I really enjoyed Pop in NE the one time I went like 5 years ago” is a perfectly succinct epitath.

  5. JasonNE

    Both Pop locations have been posted by the MN Department of Revenue for delinquent taxes since July 20th, and for delinquency with their alcohol vendors since July 16th. That’s never a good sign.

  6. Jeepman

    As a neighbor. I am sad to see pop! Go. They had a nice run in NE. Let’s hope the neighborhood supports the other restaurant neighbor, Amici. It’s a great place and so much more than pizza. The menu also is updated often.

  7. Amy

    I ended up eating at Amici the other night because I hadn’t realized Pop! was closed. The server mentioned that a breakfast/lunch place was moving in. Anyone have any details and/or gossip about the new restaurant?

  8. Tractorock

    Hazel’s, which took Pop!’s place, is just okay to poor. I wasn’t happy with my food. The service was great and so was the atmosphere, though.

  9. Ghostndragon

    I’m not surprised about Pop! I wasn’t impressed the one time I went to the NE location, or the several times I went to the St. Paul location. Hazel’s, which took over the NE location, is fantastic, though. I haven’t been disappointed by the food or the service in the 4 or 5 times I’ve been there.

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