Dark Abbey Day at Harriet Brewing

Sarah McGee / Heavy Table

Yesterday was a big day for Longfellow: Minneapolis-based Harriet Brewing — the newly founded brewery — debuted its Tasting Room and started selling growlers of Dark Abbey, a Belgian Dubbel-style ale conditioned for eight weeks.  Although the event was festive (it featured live music by Lonesome Dan Kase), it had a serious side as well; there were petitions set out for people to sign in support of the legal changes needed to facilitate Surly’s proposed brewery.

Sarah McGee / Heavy Table


  1. Dale

    Nice post, but “How was the beer?!”

    I didn’t get a chance to pick up a growler this weekend. I have had a couple of the West Side and enjoyed it quite a bit. Has anyone posted a review on Dark Abbey?

  2. Sarah McGee

    The Dark Abbey sample I had was good, but I’m dealing with a wicked head cold and am waiting until it’s over to crack open my growler.

  3. Jason Walker

    Dark Abbey was nice, but I was there last weekend too for Westside IPA and I’d give it the slight edge.

  4. warren

    Liked West Side…not too crazy about the Dark…hoping for an Imperial Ale soon….love the place, wish I was 30 years younger!

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