Hannah Rogal

Hannah Rogal grew up in Iowa in a house where freshly baked bread was the norm, and summer vegetables were just steps away in the backyard garden. After a stint in Massachusetts for college, she found herself in Minneapolis where she spent a couple years in fundraising before jumping fully into the food world. Now she spends her days nurturing her sourdough starter, training for half marathons, and perfecting her homemade ice cream. In the early morning hours, she works as a pastry cook.

Muddy Waters Opens and June 21 Tweet Rodeo

@AmuseeWine sings the praises of the wine at @CafeMaude and @SocialNicole does the same for the lattes at @urbanbeancoffee, the pedal pub races are captured on film, @MuddyWatersMPLS is now open to the public, and @wccoradio alerts us that the North St. Paul city council is voting on an ordinance that may shut down bars […]


Local Strawberries and June 17 Tweet Rodeo

@ouruptown reports that the patio ordinance in Uptown Minneapolis is not changing (for now), @perennialplate states the obvious: Minnesota co-ops are truly excellent, @france44cheese begins a partnership with the Minneapolis Concrete Beet Farmers, @FreshTartStep raves about @stripclubsp, and @msmarketcooop has local strawberries in from La Crescent, Minnesota.


Food Trucks Open All Night and June 3 Tweet Rodeo

@walkerartcenter shares a list of food truck locations for this weekend’s sunset to sunrise art show — Nightshift, Minneapolis @MayorRTRybak advises his Twitter followers to keep it local when choosing beer and recommends Forgotten Flem by @braubeer, @StarTribune profiles the founders of what will be a 200,000-tomato food fight, and @GalacticPizza reminds its followers that […]


The K&B Cafe and May 27 Tweet Rodeo

@JoyEstelle and @ricknelsonstrib recommend the K&B Cafe in Eveleth, MN (with emphasis on the pot pies and pasties), @Peace_Coffee celebrates the Twin Cities being named the healthiest cities in the US, @motoisake shares the Star Tribune’s Taste 50, and on Saturday, @MplsFarmMarket will collect donations for Project Flower Bomb so the group can “bring cheer” […]


Coupon Stigma and May 18 Tweet Rodeo

@StarTribune asks readers if the stigma from using coupons at dinner has disappeared, @sloped shares the proposed Minneapolis patio rules, @Barrio_Truck and @128cafe head to St. Paul today for #FoodTruckCourt, @GrandCafe_MPLS will be at the music, booze, and food bash Gastro Non Grata on July 9, @leezukor promotes Youth Farm and Market Project’s fundraiser this […]