What’s in Prince’s Fridge?

When we first approached the representatives of international rock superstar Prince to see if he’d consent to being the inaugural subject of our What’s In Your Fridge series, we knew it was a long shot.

We weren’t surprised that we didn’t hear anything back for eight long months. We were surprised when the response wasn’t a curt “no.” Instead, it was: “We have some conditions.”

“OK,” we countered. “Conditions are fine. What are your conditions?”

– No descriptions of the house or its location.

We could abide by this. After all, the series is What’s in Your Fridge?, not What’s the House Like and Where Is It Located?

– Prince would not actually be present during the fridge inspection, but we could ask him some follow up questions about the contents by email afterward.

Well, not ideal, but understandable. Fine.

– No photographer.

This was a problem. It defeated the whole purpose, we argued. We’d love to do it, but without a photographer…

But then one of Prince’s representatives (Or was it the man himself? Hard to tell over email.) suggested that we bring an illustrator. That was OK. This is the sort of compromise you make.

Without further ado, then, What’s in Prince’s Fridge?

Andy Sturdevant / Heavy Table

— Dunk-a-roos, about 5 pounds’ worth

You may remember these from the early ’90s — packs of kangaroo-shaped cookies with chocolate or vanilla frosting used as a dipping sauce. The fridge had at least 10 different packages of the things, including out-of-print vintage varieties (double fudge cookies with strawberry frosting, for example).

About the Dunk-a-roos, he wrote:

“Don’t know what 2 say about Dunk-a-roos. They’re just good! Sometimes you want a food that is comfortable and takes you back. For me, it’s those crazy little kangaroo crackers.”

— Homemade kimchi

Andy Sturdevant / Heavy Table

A large jar, clearly actually buried in someone’s back yard at some point. About a gallon.

“This stuff is AMAZING.”

— 18 varieties of mustard

Including German, Wisconsin, Californian, and Texan brands, plus a raspberry-flavored variety. The big question this raised: Is Prince a mustard collector? Does he hang out at Madison’s Mustard Museum? It’s worth noting that almost every container had been opened and showed signs of being enjoyed.

“I don’t collect it, but LOL yeah there’s a lot in there. U gotta love mustard. The raspberry kind is the best. You wouldn’t expect it but that’s how it goes.”

— Soy milk-based coffee creamer

“No cows were oppressed 2 make this righteous creamy creamer, U know? It’s really good! In coffee or whatever.”

— Microgreens, about one cubic foot’s worth

“So good with fig balsamic and a really good olive oil. I just munch on this stuff.”

— Braunschweiger

We asked Prince, a known vegan, what he was doing with a log of Wisconsin Braunschweiger, a traditional German smoked pork liver sausage. We got no response. Maybe it’s for guests?

— Half a loaf of challah bread from Cecil’s Delicatessen

“Manny loves this stuff, that’s why I keep it around. I guess it’s good with any of the mustards, he says?!?!”

Editor’s note: We do not know who “Manny” is.

— Yak milk, one quart

“This stuff is TOO AMAZING. It clarifies your skin and your mind. It is given freely by the yak, so U can truly enjoy it. Great with Chex – Rice Chex, Wheat Chex, whatever!!!”

— Real maple syrup, one gallon

“People say U can’t tell the difference, but U know, it’s the real deal. It’s a cut above. It’s about 100 cuts above. This is the only thing that touches my waffles.”

Next Week: What’s in the Fridges of the Entire Vikings Starting Lineup?

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  1. Happy April Fool’s Day????

  2. Awesome. Happy to see maple syrup in this fridge. :)

  3. violett 04/01/2011 Reply

    is this an april fools joke? seriously.

  4. Oliver 04/01/2011 Reply

    And here I thought the flava flav fried chicken story was the early april fools joke. Especially when they were out of chicken wings

  5. Oh, this piece makes me so happy. Bravo!

  6. Damian 04/01/2011 Reply

    The “Manny” he referenced may be his ex-wife…

  7. Huh– and I always thought Prince would use more wingdings in his personal communication.

  8. violett 04/01/2011 Reply

    his exwife is Mani – not Manny. and why would he have stuff in his fridge from her more than 5 years after their divorce?

  9. Katrina 04/01/2011 Reply

    I LOVE DUNK-A-ROOS!!!!!!!!

  10. Dana Dane 04/04/2011 Reply

    I thought this was a joke at first but now that I’m reading it, it seems legit. Basically the same stuff that was in there last time I visited except no puddin’ skins like last time. You can’t beat Challah bread though. Damn, where in the hell did he find dunaroos? I want some!!!

  11. Hmmm… I can’t see him answering these questions. But his second wife’s name was Manuela (“Manny”).

  12. If this is a real story, would the writer of the article please contact Prince (or his people) and ask about the brand of Yak Milk and where is can be purchase? Very curious about this.

    And even if the story is an April Fools Day joke, I found it amusing and entertaining, so, well done!


  13. First take a look at the fridge,it has one door/no ice maker. aside from that his Purple Highness has chef’s Around the Clock. there is nothing ordinary about Prince. and given the fact that he supposedly had an eight month window in which to decide on the interview his fridge would have been as well put together as he is. therefore anything other than perfect is not Prince

  14. I’m dreaming of slabs of Braunschweiger on that challah and slathering it with mustard.

  15. Challah with Braunschweiger, raspberry mustard and a side order of kimchi with a glass of yak-milk. Could U ask 4 more?)))

  16. This is great. I love the illustration actually!

  17. Was the “known vegan” contrasting with non-vegan things done on purpose too? I was getting so mad before I saw the date.

  18. This made my day. Please do a follow-up “What’s in Prince’s junk drawer.”

  19. Real maple syrup +1!
    Yak milk (not so much)

  20. I love this article on so many levels! :-)

  21. Vegan? There r eggs in mayo. And last time I checked a yak was an animal? Or r yaks okay with being oppressed 4 their milk?

  22. just got it from the illustrator – it was a joke – funny how many fell for it

  23. Caleb Williams 09/02/2013 Reply

    It’s great to see what the rockstars munch on (even though none of his snacks are my favorite)! Maybe I should start eating off his menu and become a legend!

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