The Pizza Farm in Stockholm, WI

There’s this pizza joint that’s not really a joint at all. It’s a farm where they grow all the ingredients on the pizza, even the crust. They are only open one night a week, on Tuesdays. They have no table service (grab your pizza and find a spot on the grass). They don’t serve drinks, or have plates, or utensils, or even napkins — and the toilet is an outhouse. And they have no signage, so good luck getting there. Once you arrive, you’ll have to wait a long time for your order (my number was 185… they were just serving 71), but they manage to kick out one killer pizza per minute from those brick ovens, and the farm is beautiful, so it’s easy to kill a little time talking to goats and stuff. Pretty much unlike any restaurant experience out there and well worth the drive — if you can find it.

The Pizza Farm
N2956 Anker Ln, Stockholm, WI
715.448.4802 (Tuesday night only)


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  1. Yay! Pizza farm is one of my happy places. Love love love your illustrations. I have a collection of photos from my visits here.

  2. Those illustrations are fantastic. Great job!

  3. WACSO, you’re making me want to find a friend with a car to get out there…question–is there much char on the underside of the pizzas- I prefer if the char isn’t a very big factor in the flavor. looks like the topside is just how I like it…thanks. how long of a drive is it?

  4. Author
    WACSO. 09/18/2009 Reply

    artsy, there is a fair amount of the black-stuff on their pizza….personally i dig it, but i could see if a little was a turnoff for you it might not be your thing. only one way to find out!…i’d say it’s about 2 hour drive…very scenic.

  5. jea foo 09/18/2009 Reply

    First rule of pizza farm is don’t talk about pizza farm.

  6. Ha! Good point but it actually isn’t as crazy busy as the weather cools off. Or if you go early in the Spring, like April-ish.

  7. tickle 07/06/2011 Reply

    3.5 hour round trip, good scenery, trendy, pricey, scorching heat, bugs, burned crust seriously affected taste. So not worth it!

  8. WannaBeFiona 08/23/2011 Reply

    Within 5 miles of the place you can just start following the stream of cars heading in your same direction. The location is quaint, the scenery delightful, the pizza tasty, the ambience magical. True Americana!

  9. Angela 07/08/2014 Reply

    Love this place… But try Berne Wood-Fired Pizza northwest of Rochester, MN! The pizza is fabulous, the atmosphere is similar but with parking, they have beverages and ice cream for sale, and the best part is they live outdoor stage with entertainment weekly! They have two ovens and make hundreds of pizzas tonight at record speed. It is very impressive, and they give thousands of dollars to charity. They are open every Wednesday from 5-8 PM in the summer!

  10. Pat Evans 08/30/2017 Reply

    We, my Wife and I and Two Good friends stopped by one Tuesday back five years now. The Pizza was wonderful and we could even share our Pizza together in the Chicken Coop. Was a very enjoyable evening, and when we left your barnyard was full of cars and people. One day down the road we will Return.

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