Di Noko’s Pizzeria in Downtown Minneapolis

We follow deep dish king Di Noko’s as it moves from its eponymous neighborhood to a big new spot downtown.

Heggies Frozen Pizza at Grumpy’s NE

Heggies makes frozen pizzas that don’t look or taste like frozen pizza.

Black Sheep Pizza - ricotta and crackers

Deconstruct Your Pizza at Black Sheep

We visit Black Sheep Pizza, where you can have your pizza with meatballs… or deconstruct it, and just eat the constituent elements.

Isabel Subtil / Heavy Table

Pizzeria Pezzo in White Bear Lake

Coal-fired pizza appears in the northern suburbs in the form of Pizzeria Pezzo.

Katie Cannon / Heavy Table

Two Pony Gardens in Long Lake, MN

Fresh air and pizza combine to make a lovely night in the country at Two Pony Gardens, one of a number of emerging pizza farms.