Captain’s chair

January 11 Morning Roundup Part II

Cafe Kem coming soon to Nicollet Ave., praise for the roasted pork candy at Subo, Zeno Cafe is being reinvented […]

January 6 Tweet Rodeo

@MidtownGlobal promotes their low price on 1000 Hills beef, @SoloByBonicelli reminisces on her first cooking video, @CakeEaterBakery is taking care […]

“Put Down Your Slingshots”

The Captain’s Chair posts a craft beer versus macro brew think piece that must surely rank among one of the […]

All Hopped Up at Firkin Fest

Spring wasn’t the only thing in the air Saturday afternoon at the Happy Gnome‘s second annual Firkin Fest. Between Tea-Bagged […]

Feb. 11 Morning Roundup

Just in time for Valentine’s, Rachel Hutton tells tales of proposals and sexy hijinks taking place in various area restaurants, […]