Scenes from a Lift Bridge Launch

Brewer Steve Rinker of Lift Bridge.  Becca Dilley / Heavy Table

Brewer Steve Rinker.
Becca Dilley / Heavy Table

Lift Bridge Brewery has made Farm Girl Saison available on draught at yet another outlet: You can now order a pint of the stuff at Ruby Begonia’s, on Main Street in Stillwater. If you’ve never had a Farm Girl, it’s worth a shot: it’s a Belgian-influenced ale with a dry malt finish and a bit of spiciness. It hits that often-elusive sweet spot that craft beers aim for: entertaining to experts, but totally drinkable by novices.

A throng of locals gathered Friday night for beer samples, conversation with the Lift Bridge brewers and the Ruby Begonia’s house specialty, the disturbingly easy-to-drink pineapple-infused vodka drink known as the Stoli Doli.

The launch comes at an interesting time for the guys behind the beer: brewer Brad Glynn has gone full-time on the project and the company — which currently brews using the Flat Earth facility — is poised to build its own brewery. The brewers framed the plans in general language, but it’s worth noting that the words “beer garden” came up at least once.

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  1. Steve, how is it you’re ALWAYS the one in the photos?

  2. Can’t wait to see what happens once they have their own facility. Great guys that make some nice beers.

  3. Vanessa 03/08/2009

    Farm Girl is also listed in the draught section of the March menu at Ingredients Cafe in White Bear Lake.

  4. Thanks for pointing it out Vanessa. We are pleased to be on tap at Ingredients Cafe in White Bear Lake. They put it on tap about a week and a half ago. All events and tap locations can be found on this page:

  5. Beer Insider 03/09/2009

    As long as they stay away from Tod Fyten, they’ll do fine.