July 29 Morning Roundup

The Minnesota Zoo is offering a wide variety of beer, appetizers, and live music (including G.B. Leighton) at its Brew at the Zoo, August 14 at 7-10pm for $55 at the door, Kate in the Kitchen whips up some quinoa and grilled vegetables and offers tips on how to perfect both, Vegetarian Perspective hastily makes a soup with a “terrible color” that’s quickly devoured, everyone’s apparently cooking risotto right now: check out these two recipes, and Twin Cities Eats visits Barrio Tequila Bar in St. Paul and praises its mushroom quesadillas, guacamole, and mojitos but prefers the “powerfully fun” energy at the Minneapolis location.

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Emily Newhall

Emily Newhall experiments with new recipes each week and keeps a mile-long list of restaurants to visit. By day, she is a proofreader and editor for a creative agency in St. Paul. Ever dedicated to Minnesota, Emily was raised in Minnetonka, attended Carleton in Northfield, and now lives in South Minneapolis. She is always impressed by fresh custard-filled doughnuts, perfectly spiced Indian curries, and restaurants that offer more than one vegetarian dish.

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