Checklist Project

East Lake Checklist: Mercado Central

The East Lake Checklist hits Mercado Central and uncovers a treasure trove of incredible foods including a killer bolillo asada sandwich and a corn-based drink called an atole.

East Lake Checklist: Miramar to San Miguel Bakery

The East Lake Checklist treks onward to the newly opened Miramar, Kilimanjaro, La Poblanita, and more including our new favorite panaderia (bakery).

East Lake Checklist: Ibrahim Restaurant to Las Mojarras

The East Lake Checklist crew finds some stellar East African food at Ibrahim, hits the taco meat motherlode at Morelia, and more.

East Lake Checklist: Midtown Global Market

The East Lake Checklist goes big with 17 reviews of restaurants, tamale joints, bakeries, and a brewery in Midtown Global Market.

East Lake Checklist: El Sabor Chuchi to The Rabbit Hole

The East Lake Street checklist hits a surprisingly good seafood spot (Mar y Tierra), Hamdi Restaurant, and the Midtown Global Market.