Checklist Project

East Lake Checklist: Blue Moon Coffee Cafe to Merlin’s Rest

From fish and chips at Merlin’s Rest to peanut butter and jelly fries at Peppers and Fries to a turmeric latte at Blue Moon, the East Lake Checklist forges ever eastward.

East Lake Checklist: Urban Forage Cidery to Himalayan Restaurant

The East Lake Checklist sweeps up some high-profile spots including Himalayan Restaurant, Town Talk Diner, and more. Plus: Thai rolled ice cream!

East Lake Checklist: Midori’s Floating World to El Nuevo Rodeo

We get cultural whiplash on East Lake Street as we bounce from Japan (Midori’s Floating World) to East Africa (African Paradise) to Mexico (Nuevo Rodeo) and beyond.

East Lake Checklist: La Alborada to Quruxlow

From the grand insanity of the hundreds-plus item Teppanyaki Grill to the so-quiet-we-weren’t-sure-if-it-was-open atmosphere of Abi’s Cafe, East Lake Street contains many different looks.

East Lake Checklist: Ingebretsen’s to Pasteleria Gama

The East Lake Checklist meanders toward the river and covers Dur Dur Bakery, O-City, Halwo Kismayo, Pasteleria Gama, and Ingebretsen’s.