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Urban Forage Winery & Cider House on East Lake Street

“People want sparkling. And they want sweet,” says Jeff Zeitler. Naturally, therefore, Zeitler’s signature bottle is a very dry, very […]

Heather Jansz, The Curry Diva

Our dinner with Heather Jansz, the famous Curry Diva, was a parade of bold flavors worthy of their creator’s outsized personality.

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Much Depends on Dinner: Thoughts on Homegrown Foods and Other Meal-Delivery Services

An experience with the Homegrown Foods meal delivery service brings an epiphany to the doorstep of an obsessive food planner and writer.

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Nordic: Photographs by Magnus Nilsson, chef at Faviken and author of The Nordic Cookbook

A look at The Nordic Cookbook by Magnus Nilsson, on the occasion of his visit to Minneapolis.

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Heartland by Lenny Russo

Chefs cook differently from the way you and I do. Not just better — though there’s that. Differently. Chefs tend to […]