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Pear Galette with Foie Gras Ice Cream at Burch Pizza / Steak in Lowry Hill

What happens when you combine the luxury of foie gras with dessert? Apparently, wonderful things.

Eggwich at Parka in Longfellow

After a rollercoaster year, the kitchen at Parka has produced an eggwich better described as “breakfast crack.”

Boarfest, Kanelbullens Dag, and More

The Churn surveys a few upcoming events and looks a bit closer at the Travail-sparked Kickstarter debate.

“Prevail Travail” Kickstarter, Bang Brewing, and More

The Churn surveys the epic six-hour success of Travail’s Kickstarter campaign and other contenders.

Normandy Kitchen in Downtown Minneapolis

We sally forth to the sort-of French-inspired Normandy Kitchen in downtown Minneapolis for a burger, a malt, and some Mornay sauce.