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Aguachile at Octo Fishbar

A taste of the ceviche-like aguachile at the newly opened Octo Fishbar conjures up memories of a similar dish in Mexico City.

Danny Litin of Passionflower in Highland Park

Danny Litin of Highland Park’s Passionflower is whipping up “functional beverages” that are giving smoothies a run for their money.

Jamie Malone and Alan Hlebaen of Grand Cafe

Chef-owner Jamie Malone and chef de cuisine Alan Hlebean of Grand Cafe talk about their approach to food as they take a rebooted neighborhood favorite into new territory.

Black Market StP – Fridays on Isabel Street

Black Market’s BBQ is more than just a feast of delectable smoked meat – it’s an anchor that holds together a social scene in West St. Paul.

Delicata in Como, St. Paul

J.D. Fratzke and Matty O’Reilly have been busy. Between summer 2016 and March 2017, they opened two restaurants, Red River […]