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The El Pato Loco Pizza at San Pedro Cafe

The El Pato Loco at Hudson’s San Pedro Cafe comes on a cracker-like crust topped with a heady mixture of sweet and spicy.

To Zingerman’s and Beyond: The Food Scene in Ann Arbor

The food scene Ann Arbor is punching far out of its weight class with a boom in creative dining powered by local produce.

Brianna Stachowski / Heavy Table

Piper’s Coffee and Burger Bar in Eden Prairie

JJs in Eden Prairie is now Piper’s Coffee & Burger Bar. The restaurant’s new focus is now on an extensive, intriguing set of burgers.

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Bay Leaf Indian Cuisine in Eden Prairie

Bay Leaf Indian Cuisine in Eden Prairie may not look like much, but the proprietors are putting their effort into the food, and it shows.

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Eating Vegan at Hard Times Cafe

As befits its name, the Hard Times Cafe in Minneapolis serves tasty vegan and vegetarian entrees and desserts that are quite a bargain.