Velo Veggies

June 8 Tweet Rodeo

Hungry for fresh veggies but don’t want to go to the farmers market? @BlackCatNatFood includes complimentary hummus with a vegbox order from @VeloVeggies, @RestaurantMax motivates you to eat well and do so often with a message of impending doom for your taste buds, @MNBeer publicizes The Wine Thief’s expansion — it sounds like a sort […]


March 11 Tweet Rodeo

Rainy weather got you down? @VeloVeggies delivers in style, @ScottPampuch ponders television as a medium for sustainable food reform, @Finnegans announces the last day for pub crawl registration in St. Cloud and elsewhere, @HotDishBlog links to a cooking video for the “last frontier in nose-to-tail dining,” and @BergerBrands urges you to adopt a maple tree.


February 19 Tweet Rodeo

Some of the cooler (and more functional) branding we’ve seen in a while: @NSFoodsMemo shows off a pageful of ‘Vanity Barcodes,’ @HyperLocavore reports on a generous profit-sharing agreement of sorts, @TheCakeDivaMpls urges you to stop by the Food & Wine Experience (and lures you with the promise of a giveaway), @VeloVeggies and @Peace_Coffee converse about […]