St. Paul Cheese

May 14 Tweet Rodeo

@The_Wedge offers a great deal on ribeyes, @StubAndHerbs host the Surly Bitter Brewer release next week, @OmMinneapolis plans “Mumbai Night” next Saturday, and @PerennialPlate made pickled beef tongue — now available at @France44Cheese.


May 12 Tweet Rodeo

@ChefShack1 and @ModernCafeMpls unveil their plans for this weekend’s Art-a-Whirl, @LocalDLish announces renewed availability of Sweets Bakeshop cupcakes at their store, @MN_Food_Assn seeks kale recipes, @France44Cheese sells a top-shelf bavarian limburger, and @BarbetteMpls offers a free happy hour appetizer (with limits).


May 5 Tweet Rodeo

@Amy_Boland revels in #Rampstravaganza, @France44Cheese offers fresh Italian burrata, @The_Wedge has the first local strawberries of the season — “from Farmington to table,” @FourFirkins samples Great Lakes today, and @BryantLakeBowl provides buy one get one bowling during happy hour through tomorrow — just say “Twitter.”