MN Represent! at JBFA and May 10 Tweet Rodeo

@GoldenFig and @LocalDLish update on their morel inventory (summary — if you want morels, get them soon!), @Northern_Brewer offers a brewing demo and Q & A for Minnesota Craft Beer Week, @AcadiaCafe hosts another Beer & Beast, @TurkeyToGo adds an Uptown weeknight / weekend location, and @AndrewZimmern gets a shot of [some of] the Minnesotans […]


May 10 Tweet Rodeo

@CommonRoots offers a free shot of @PeaceCoffee espresso until 11 am, @StribTaste reviews the story of a man’s quest to recreate the perfect loaf of bread, @SewardCoop has a full supply of morels for sale, and @S4xton asserts that Pizza Nea offers the best pizza in Minnesota.