Iron Fork

Charcuterie 101 and Morning Roundup

City Pages and Surdyk’s promote the upcoming Iron Fork event and reveal one of the competing chefs, a fougasse how-to, Dara recommends a day trip for the charcuterie novice, a trial-and-error recap of apple butter production (one tip: Don’t cook 14 pounds at once unless you plan to stay by the stove all day), and […]


October 9 Tweet Rodeo

It’s getting colder, the days are growing shorter, it’s that time of year — @BirchwoodCafe serves up free @Peace_Coffee every Friday morning this month to celebrate Free Trade Month, @CheeseCupid recommends an unconventional romano cheese / spiced pumpkin butter pairing, 20.21 chef @AsherBMiller tells you how to get a free glass of wine at his […]