Fire Roast

December 11 Tweet Rodeo

A cake with a chopped-off hand or foot? Such is the latest challenge posed to @TheCakeDivaMpls — for Showtime’s Dexter, no less; @Aebleskiver gets national press, @The_Wedge shares a gluten-free latke recipe, @FireRoast serves up minestrone with sweet Italian sausage to warm your bones, and @SanctuaryRest offers a reasonably-priced and promising prix fixe menu for […]


December 7 Tweet Rodeo

Where can you get the best breakfast sandwich in the Twin Cities? Here’s the answer according to @CookingForDads, @KatieJoCannon reports that the Gaviidae Market is open the next two Fridays, @TheHappyGnome offers a $15 Glenfiddich lunch this Saturday, @France44Cheese encounters an explosively positive reaction to one of their products, and @MinnLizzy’s family has been “tortured” […]


October 12 Tweet Rodeo

Last night’s SGT Dinner at Lucia’s seems to have been a success — @BirchwoodCafe and @KatieBips, among others, have raved about the food and company. SGT’s @LeeZukor promotes a less processed diet based on what our ancestors might have eaten, @FireRoast offers pork rosemary soup today, @DustryTrice links to another article on crop art, @FourFirkins […]