April 21 Tweet Rodeo

@CakeEaterBakery offers free coffee in honor of Queen Elizabeth’s birthday, @Northern_Brewer discounts organic brewing supplies for Earth Day, @DBrauer tries the chips and salsa at Target Field, @DinosGyros gives a discount on catering orders, and @France44Wine’s sale starts tomorrow.


January 22 Tweet Rodeo

Cake for breakfast? @CocoaAndFig’s new recipe must be good! @CraveMN summarizes the average child’s diet, @DinosGyros offers special deals for @FourSquare users, @WannaBangkok will donate part of their Super Bowl Sunday sales to the Haitian relief effort, and @CooksCrocusHill comments on an intriguing brew — who’s tried it?


January 6 Tweet Rodeo

@MidtownGlobal promotes their low price on 1000 Hills beef, @SoloByBonicelli reminisces on her first cooking video, @CakeEaterBakery is taking care of baked goods, @DinosGyros lets kids eat free Saturdays through Tuesdays throughout January, @HotDishBlog ruminates on the idea of a “flexitarian,” @CaptainsChair experiments with sumac in his homebrewing, and @SweetsBakeshop announces their flavor of the […]