Darkness Day

Frankenfish Protest and October 22 Tweet Rodeo

@SecretCoffeeShp embarks on a quest to find a better cinnamon roll, @ShackAttacks praises today’s red curry, @TheSaltyTart previews her @SurlyBrewing Darkness cupcakes for Darkness Day, @McKinleyCSA seeks more Frankenfish activism (all you have to do is send a free postcard), and @CakeEaterBakery provides notice of upcoming winter hours.


The Return of Chocolate Celeste and October 21 Tweet Rodeo

@ChocolateCeleste is back and open for business, Tom of @MarthaandTom tests (and fails) a potentially revolutionary idea to disastrous results, @CaptainsChair eagerly awaits Darkness Day, @PerennialPlate’s chickens are the star of a new comic, @SurdyksLiquor posts their fall classes, and @FoxyFalafel plans to sell zatar-flavored pita chips this weekend at @KingfieldMarket.


October 23 Tweet Rodeo

Haven’t seen Fresh yet? @LeeZukor reminds you that it’s playing tonight, @BouchonFor2 adds goji berries and other Chinese medicinal herbs to her chicken soup, @BirchwoodCafe composts all of their food waste and urges Minneapolis to follow suit, @KatieBips loves Ginger Hop’s kimchee reuben, and @SurlyBrewing relates a Darkness Day tragedy.