Caribe Bistro

April 16 Tweet Rodeo

@TangledNoodle points out another reason to be thankful for local produce, @CommonRoots plans their celebration of Earth Day, @CaribeBistro adds an ultra-fizzy variation on a mimosa to their menu, and @PunchHighland offers a discount if you try their new menu items.


March 10 Tweet Rodeo

Do you have a functioning fridge to get rid of? @BBBSYPG seeks a donation, no delivery required, @CaribeBistro is set to close on Monday to remodel their kitchen, @StribTaste points to CSA fairs as the optimal first step for newbies, @ArtisanBreadIn5 discusses the variable effects of stone-milled (coarser-ground) flour versus commercial bread flour, and @The_Wedge […]