The New Rustica Bakery and Bull Run Roasting Company

Jill Lewis / Heavy Table

Jill Lewis / Heavy Table

Rustica Bakery’s move north from South Minneapolis to Calhoun Village may have disappointed many neighbors in the vicinity of 46th Street and Bryant Avenue, but for those of us who live near Lake Calhoun, it’s a welcome addition to the culinary scene. Rustica fans will find the much-loved selection of artisan breads, pastries, and desserts in the bakery’s new home, as well as a partnership with local coffee roaster Greg Hoyt of Bull Run Roasting Company, which is sourcing the beans for the coffee and espresso drinks. Early birds and night owls will both appreciate the bakery-cafe’s extended hours, beginning as early as 6:30am during the week and going until 10pm Fridays and Saturdays, and Rustica is now open daily, though on Mondays you’ll need to make it a quick trip between 6:30 and 8am.

As a public service to readers, the Heavy Table sampled the enormous cinnamon bun and classic rustic chocolate chip cookies. You can rest assured that both treats passed quality-control checks, particularly the sticky-sweet but light-as-air cinnamon roll. Feel free to consume without caution.

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Jill Lewis

The great-granddaughter of an Eastern European Jewish baker, Jill Lewis cannot escape her genetic predisposition to carbs. Her love of baked goods, wine, cheese and chocolate may not come in handy for her day job as a Twin Cities PR professional, but it proves infinitely helpful for her gigs as a contributing writer for The Heavy Table and the co-author of the Cheese and Champagne blog. A former resident of Illinois, Texas, Wisconsin and suburban Washington, D.C., Jill now lives with her husband, two young sons and cat in St. Louis Park.

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  1. Jill, many thanks for your gallant public service, :)…I also sacrificed several minutes of my busy evening recently and tasted a pear/ginger galette, very good , passed my stringent ‘not too much sugar please’ standards, nice and buttery, little hints of candied ginger in there. Only thing is the paint is still drying in the newly renovated place, I’m hoping it will air out soon so I can spend more time in there…without worrying about my allergies.

  2. i’d heard that rustica moved its ovens and operations from 46th and bryant, but will still sell its goods there. can we get a confirmation on this? thanks.

  3. Author

    Pete – no, the Salty Tart is now selling its pastries at the 46th and Bryant location at Java Jack’s.

  4. There was talk early on about Rustica maintaining a presence at Java Jack’s, but apparently it fell through. I do know that when Guse Green Grocer opens across the street (don’t know when that will be) they will be carrying the Rustica/Corner Table sandwiches. I imagine there’s a chance they’ll carry other Rustica’s offerings as well.

  5. Jill, thanks for the info. salty tart is a great replacement, both bakeries do fantastic work.

  6. Chris__ 12/03/2009 Reply

    “night owls will both appreciate the bakery-cafe’s extended hours”

    I was hoping for an alternative to Spyhouse / Uncommon Grounds for late night studying (both open until 12am) … but glad there’s a good breakfast spot without having to hit the morning Uptown traffic on Hennepin.

  7. I love having Rustica closer. Don’t forget my two favorites: Cañadas and Bostok (besides a baguette, of course).

  8. morchella 12/04/2009 Reply

    Yay! I’m going to bike over there this weekend and get some bread. and a tart. and a cup of coffee. and some cookies. Can’t wait!

  9. Allison 12/05/2009 Reply

    FYI Rustica is open from 6:30AM to 8:00PM (not AM) on Mondays. The 8AM was just a typo on the Rustica website.

  10. Chef's Wife 12/07/2009 Reply

    Are you sure about Guse’s Grocery taking on the sandwiches? Not so sure that’s confirmed. Last I heard they were going their own way.

  11. Guse’s Green Grocery will carry Rustica bread and pastries, not sure about the sandwiches, but they will for sure carry the bread. And please give Rustica a little time to settle into their new digs, the product is still the same, but it’s still getting it’s face lift in the front of house.

  12. The coffee is amazing there. Great roast, perfect brew. Together with the great pastries and bread, this is my new found favorite!

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