The Pizza Farm in Stockholm, WI

There’s this pizza joint that’s not really a joint at all. It’s a farm where they grow all the ingredients on the pizza, even the crust. They are only open one night a week, on Tuesdays. They have no table service (grab your pizza and find a spot on the grass). They don’t serve drinks, or have plates, or utensils, or even napkins — and the toilet is an outhouse. And they have no signage, so good luck getting there. Once you arrive, you’ll have to wait a long time for your order (my number was 185… they were just serving 71), but they manage to kick out one killer pizza per minute from those brick ovens, and the farm is beautiful, so it’s easy to kill a little time talking to goats and stuff. Pretty much unlike any restaurant experience out there and well worth the drive — if you can find it.

The Pizza Farm
N2956 Anker Ln, Stockholm, WI
715.448.4802 (Tuesday night only)