Buon Giorno in Lilydale

DWITT / Heavy Table

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David Witt

David Witt, aka DWITT, is a Saint Paul-based Illustrator. He's the official artist of the Zombie Pub Crawl, The Beer Dabbler, The Growler, and writer/artist of Louie the Loon. David's a founding member of the Squad 19 Design Collective and the Back Alley Gallery and his illustrations, paintings, and screen prints have been exhibited around the globe and reproduced in books and publications including The Art of Modern Rock, I Want Your Skull, German collective Bongout’s anthologies, and the series of graphic novels he’s illustrated for Lerner Publishing.

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  1. Tears of sandwich doom 07/29/2012 Reply

    B.G. has so much potential to do credit to the form of the basic sandwich and so little finesse. The bar is so low that it’s actually loved by many. They have barely distinguished themselves from least cost competition. If you like a Subway level product, you’ll think this tastes great, but grab for your wallet because of the increased cost of using some “real” and imported ingredients. The bread is where it all begins. Seeded, crunch, and plain would be nice options, with real crust, not speed baked fast rise blech. I’m glad you neglected the pasta bar. It might have been the end of you. Unless you love the Olive Garden (only more expensive using real/imported ingredients).

  2. Meatball down.

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