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Old Southern BBQ Smokehouse in Hudson, Wis.

“Famous” Dave Anderson is back with a new line of barbecue restaurants, the Old Southern BBQ Smokehouse. We gave the food a thorough review.

Fitzgerald’s in Cathedral Hill, St. Paul

At Fitzgerald’s, Salt Cellar’s steakhouse concept has been replaced with upscale versions of bar food favorites: nachos, hot dogs, burgers, and the like.

Brenda Johnson / Heavy Table

Black Dog in Lowertown, St. Paul

Black Dog (308 Prince St, St. Paul) has been a Lowertown institution since 1998, long before it was cool to […]

Serious Jam

Heidi Skoog is making Serious Jam, an extensive line of inventive, even playful liquor-and-herb-infused jams. It’s available at Mill City Farmers Market.

mahi mahi taco

Red River Kitchen at City House in Saint Paul

Red River Kitchen at City House in Saint Paul combines the seasonal (it closes in October) with the local (Chef JD Fratzke) in a unique historic location.