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Æbleskiver and Recipe Roundup

Courtesy of The Vanilla Bean Blog
Courtesy of The Vanilla Bean Blog

Æbleskiver with vanilla bean (above); cassoulet; phyllo ham and bleu cheese tarts; Nancy Silverton’s rosemary-pine nut cookies; Sicilian ricotta cake with pistachio marzipan; chocolate-caramel-toffee crackers; savory bread pudding; homemade pita bread, blueberry coffee cake; and marmalade-filled chocolate-dipped cookies.

By Varsha Seetharam

Varsha Seetharam grew up in South India, and spent her 'food-formative' years in Singapore, one of her favorite culinary destinations. Since dreaming about food doesn't pay the bills, she also works as an Investment Associate for a college endowment. When she isn’t working, Varsha is either whipping up her favorite dish, Singapore Chilli Crab, or dousing everything she makes with truffle oil. She has lived in Minnesota for the past eight years, and currently lives in South Minneapolis with her fiancé and their two dogs.