Zingerman’s Comes to Minneapolis

The straight-up legendary fancy foods purveyor Zingerman’s (of Ann Arbor) is holding two business improvement seminars in Northeast Minneapolis on March 25, in partnership with Chowgirls Killer Catering. The morning seminar is “The Art of Giving Great Service” and the afternoon seminar is “Leading with Zing!” Ample details and registration forms available over on the Chowgirls site.


  1. geoff

    that’s only half of their business plan. the other half is to locate in a city where there’s a large number of East Coast transplant food snobs, many of whom are living on Parental Expense Accounts. I do admire Ari Weinzweig, though. Way ahead of the curve on the artisinal food movement.

  2. Brian Ames

    Yes you raise an important observation that he was a decade or two ahead of his time. However I struggle with the notion that high quality, organic or local food must wring every last penny out of the system. Many producers work hard to make their food affordable to the masses.

    Sustainability to me means affordable also or where is the future?

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