Win Zimmern’s Wild Boar Shirt

zimmernshirtAndrew Zimmern is vending some new gear these days — including some chic-looking boar, cock, and cow T-shirts — and he was kind enough to send us a sample.

If this boar shirt catches your fancy and you’re a robustly sized person (the size is XL), drop a comment below with your email or blog attached and we’ll mail it out to a lucky winner. Deadline? Let’s say tomorrow (Aug. 11) at midnight.

One bit of commentary: If Zimmern actually lived by his motto, he’d have a much less interesting show. We’d recommend: “If it looks like it might have once been living, or is currently alive, eat it!”


  1. Kelly

    Not only do we think Andrew Zimmern rocks, but he’s been a great supporter of our work here at Open Arms, where we not only prepare and deliver NUTRITIOUS meals for those with chronic disease, but we live the motto. And at Open Arms, it ALWAYS looks good. ;)

    In a nod to Zimmern – our amazing kitchen staff has experimented with all types of ingredients including ostrich, camel and currently serves grass fed bison (along with organic sides) to our cancer clients. Who says free food can’t be great?

    I’d PROUDLY wear that sporty t! Thanks Heavy Table! Keep up the great work.

  2. Sarah

    Love the wild boar shirt!!

    Actually my other half would likely live, eat and die in that shirt I’m fairly certain :)

  3. Kristi

    My husband would love this shirt! He’s Chinese and eats pretty much anything. And his “I love animals. They’re delicious.” shirt is 10 years old and falling apart and this would be a great replacement.

  4. Cory

    All 3 shirts are awesome; however, the wild boar is by far the best. The tusks also pull off a trendy mustache look. The wild boar is also part of my favorite pizza: Hessen Haus’ Hunter Pizza (Pheasant, Duck and of course Wild Boar)!

  5. le bender

    very nice t-shirt. whenever I heard Zimmern’s name I’m taken back to the time my grandmother served scrambled eggs with cow brains. yummy.

  6. kassie

    I didn’t know Zimmern was a supporter of Open Arms!!! I’m doing my second volunteer shift there tonight.

    And I’ve been working hard to lose weight lately and am currently in a very tight XL. It would be an awesome shirt for me to wear as I move through the XLs after which my husband would get it.

  7. Stacey

    We love Andrew Zimmern! Who doesn’t like a piece of tasty boar with their Heirloom tomato?

  8. Jessica

    Huge fans of Andrew here too! And, when I say huge I mean huge in the sense that the shirt would fit fine! And, when I say fans, I mean it in every sense of the word!

  9. Nate

    I can see how Zimmern is a lightning rod for people that watch his show. He seems to get on some people’s nerves and others think he is charming in his own way. I find it is best to just lighten up and enjoy his show and the things that he is trying to bring to people and regional cuisines that we may not be familiar with. I do enjoy watching the show very much.

  10. Kat

    We love watching Andrew though are no where are daring as he is! Though boar oh yeah we’d eat boar. My hubs would look great in this shirt

  11. Anita

    This proud South Dakota farm girl (and former Tri-County Pork Princess) I would wear the shirt with pride!

  12. Ben

    AZ is great, its only too bad hes so successful he doesnt write more about whats going on at home. as for looking good and eating, i’ll gladly eat things that don’t look good at all, but if it doesn’t smell good, we’ve got a whole ‘nother issue going (and i don’t mean washed rind cheese smell, but since he tried durian i guess Andrew doesn’t live by that rule, either).

    i’d be happy to fill out that t-shirt!

  13. James Norton

    Dear all,

    The random number generator ( spat out the number 12. Congratulations to Jessica, and thanks to everyone who dropped a comment. Jessica, we’ll be in touch about shipping you that shirt.

    James Norton

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