When the Hell Will Rachel’s Open and Morning Roundup

Farmers markets take root in the suburbs, insight into the never-open Rachel’s on East Hennepin, Rachel hits the re-opened Forum (“a nice job of blending old Minneapolis with new, illustrated also by plans for the upcoming Minneapolis-St. Paul menu”), state fair posters to get you all hyped up, Well Fed Guide to Life hits Elsie‚Äôs Restaurant, Bar, and Bowling Center, and some cool local doughnuts.

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  1. Brian Ames

    regarding the gushing article in the STRIB article about the plethora of suburban farmers markets. Yah think the larger growers and producers who are trying to make a FULL time living off markets see this as an expanded market or perhaps a watered down market where they are running to more markets each week to get the same piece of market revenue?

    In CA many its already too much of a good thing.


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