What Are We, Savages?

Bill Roehl gently savages the Savage Depot Bistro in… uh… Savage, calling out the newly opened restaurant for its “sloppy as hell” sandwiches and basil-free, sauteed onion-garnished “caprese.”


  1. Kris

    Bummer! I read Bill’s previous article and had actually hoped to stop out to check it out myself this weekend. I’d still be interested to hear more about their “craft beer selection” although if they only have bottles (none on draft), then it’s really not much of a draw.

  2. Kris

    Thanks, Bill! I do have to applaude whoever chose those bottles. It really is pretty decent for a deli. Wonder if their liquor license and space would allow for drafts?

  3. Bill Roehl

    The license would (it’s a 3.2 with strong beer and wine) but their space constraints and business mission do not. In fact, he doesn’t even have soda fountains.

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