Wanted: Vintage Matchbooks

In order to create a follow-up to this vintage local grocery store matchbook poster, Metro Collectible is looking for additional vintage matchbooks from Twin Cities bars, diners, nightclubs, and other entertainment establishments — contact metrocollectible@gmail.com.


  1. Ken Donnell

    I have thousands of covers from 30s, 40s, and some from early 50s.Most do not have strikers, all have been kept in albums since that time period.All covers have been kept in arizona since 1980. If interested my e-mail is kingpinvet@cableone.net THX Ken Donnell

  2. Bob Chamberlin

    I have over 100 matchcovers collected over the years. I am 90. NY,NJ, PA, CA etc.,etc. If interested – contact ME

  3. jimmy stewart

    i have close to a thousand matchbok with strikers and matches in them all in real good condition some from the 40, 50,60,70, grocery stores running for office and all kinds even one from my very first job in the early 70s they are all in 2 big glass jars all from ga email me at jstewart1250@aol.com

  4. tv

    Have about 14 match boxes and 7 match flip out ones. Most likely from the 50’s to 70’s. Restaurants in NY, Pa, ie: Asti restaurant 13 east 12th st, new york city, greetings from noche at 1604 broadway @ 48/49 st., kitty hawk 37th/3rd 661-7406 that’s how written on matchcover, american stanhope 5th ave at 81st st, ny on cover is american indian named red jacket, pretty box with verseau in fabric, other boxes decorated with looks like tiny pieces of blk coal and on side says pocketbox,also inc. is self smoking cigarettes that smoke by themselves ( you use these cig. with a picture. Make a small hole in the mouth of person in pic, light the tiy cigarette and blow out flame. Then watch as it puff, and even blow smoke rings. 10 in a pkg. Hope you are interested. Thank you.

  5. Scott

    I acquired a lot of matchbooks from my grandfather who starting working for and retired from universal match right after the war. These matchbooks never had any matches in them, they came straight from universal match.

  6. Jamie

    I have about 2000 front strike matchbooks from all over the united states. Many from Las Vegas, and Atlantic City… some topless ones from Myrtle Beach. I can send you a list if you are still collecting. I want to sell them for anywhere between 10 cents to $ per book.


  7. Kathleen

    I have over 200,000 different matchbooks. This does not include duplicates. They are from all over the world, are organized in their own see-thru containers, and also include official Presidential matchbooks. They range in date from 1931 to present date. I have them all in a lockable steel cabinet. You name it, I have it. I’m willing to sell the entire thing for $30,000.

  8. ronald fair

    i have several thousand matchbooks all with matches. including hundreds of boxed all in perfect complete condition. want a place to auction or sell all or by the piece.

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