W.A. Frost: Hot Patio, Icy Service?

Sounds as though a consensus is forming around the W.A. Frost patio experience: gorgeous scenery, lousy service, fair-to-middling food. Food Court clocks in with a lengthy and not particularly flattering assessment. kevin47 on Chowhound said the same thing a couple of months ago, supplying a similar depth of detail.


  1. ryanol

    Thats the exact same experience that I had with my folks when we went their last. I don’t know if we weren’t dressed appropriate or what but we got the snootiest host ever and poor service.

  2. Kelly

    We never! go there anymore. Accurate assessment, although I’d say you’re being generous with a “fair-to-middling food” label. I LOVE their patio, but won’t even go for that anymore. Sad, cause they have huge potential in that space.

  3. C

    it is really sad to see such a great twin cities institution fall apart as WA Frost has over the last 18 months. I use to be a very regular customer but now can barely stand to go there. I have a hard time spending such a large amount of money to have crappy service. I have experience extremely long waits (to order drinks, food, get check, etc), missed courses, and over and under cooked food recently.

    I hope WA Frost wakes up and get’s their act back together.

  4. Joni

    My husband and I were visiting the area and tried WA Frost. The patio is amazing however the food was not remarkable. It was a disappointment to be in a nice atmosphere and then be served poor quality food. I think the menu needs to be reinvented and whoever is in charge of kitchen should reconsider their food preparation. Not sure I would revisit this one although it is a beautiful and unique setting.

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