Two Guidelines for Grilling Grass-Fed Lamb

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Are you grilling tonight for family or friends? Need some new ideas? Grass-fed lamb is easy to grill successfully if these two guidelines are followed. First, in general, grass-fed meat requires less grilling time, at least partly due to low fat levels. Overcooking is common and will significantly diminish flavor and texture. Rare to medium rare is optimal. Allowing grilled cuts to rest for 5-8 minutes before serving allows the juice to redistribute and adds to the flavor. Lamb is naturally tender and delicious straight from the grill with just some salt, pepper, and olive oil, as illustrated in the pictures. While only simple seasonings are needed, lamb meat has an affinity for many spices and herbs, resulting in a variety of traditional and unique flavors, as in this recipe for grilled, marinated loin chops.

The second grilling guideline for success is to know the source of your meat. All lamb is not the same! Commodity lamb has been increasing in size, according to reported USDA records, to 150 pounds and heavier. This is large for most breeds of adult sheep and probably not what a customer envisions when choosing lamb for their menu. For a lamb to reach this weight within the 1-year period that distinguishes lamb meat from mutton, it must be on a feeding program high in carbohydrates (grains and processing byproducts) and low in fiber (grass).

Carved rack of lamb served as rib chop

The meat produced from these large and mature lambs, in contrast to specialty meat purveyors such as Shepherd Song Farm, is unlikely to be improved by grilling due to connective tissue maturation and heavier fat layers. Better options include marinating the meat overnight and braising it or other slow, high-moisture methods. By knowing the source of your meat you can confirm that it meets your cooking expectations for tenderness and flavor and is raised according to specific protocols (e.g., grass fed, antibiotic free, no byproducts in feed) and at a growth rate that encourages muscle development with less fat.

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