Town Talk Diner to Close Today at 3:00

The Town Talk Diner, having its share of ups and downs, is closing its doors for good on Sunday, January 16, at 3pm, according to server and bartender Sean Aulbach. After spending the evening explaining to customers they don’t have half of the menu available, he told the Heavy Table: “I feel terrible for everyone there, including the owners Charlie and Jimmy [Theros]. They’re good people but never fully understood the place.” The Town Talk Diner has been quietly on the market for the last six months, according to Aulbach. He concluded, “Whomever buys the space will need to reinvent it. There’s no way anyone can replicate what we knew as the Town Talk Diner.” Sad news for the whole neighborhood. (If you still have that Groupon, plan on brunch with an abridged menu.)


  1. Ed Kohler

    This is sad news. The corner of Lake & 27th has some great restaurants, and the Town Talk has been one of the biggest draws into the neighborhood in past years. Hopefully, someone can take advantage of that cool space ASAP.

  2. Pat Condon

    Sad but not surprising after the last few months. I already get sad enough driving down that stretch of Lake when I see the former Manny’s Tortas space. I second Ed’s hope that some enterprising restaurateur swoop down on the Town Talk place and soon.

  3. Steve McPherson

    What needs to happen is those bartenders need to open up their own bar. Much as I enjoyed the food at TT, what made it outstanding were the amazing cocktails.

  4. Karen

    I feel badly for the staff that put their hearts into it.

    The Theros trashed it.

    They took a treasure and trashed it.

    I saw them come in with a very heavy hand when the Theros bought the St. Clair Broiler from another Theros family member. From talking to the staff at the Broiler after that takeover, I know they were very insensitive to their staff as they took over.

    Maybe they understand food and understand the business but they don’t understand people.

  5. Angie

    Such sad news – I loved Town Talk. Agree that the bartenders should either open their own place or land somewhere else to keep the creative cocktails flowing.

  6. Nouner

    The bartenders, along with the chef and former owner already have a new spot. It’s Prairie Ale House and they are redefining the Burbs!

  7. L M

    Would any of the bartenders be willing to share the drink recipe for the “Jackson Pollock”? I know several people who will be sad not to be able to drink that again.

    1. Aaron Landry

      Contact Nick Kosevich. He was the bartender that invented it for a Bombay Gin competition a few years ago. He got second place; beat out by the host bartender of the event. Last I heard he’s still doing Bittercube — with that information you should be able to get ahold of him.

  8. Allen

    The Theros family has nothing but the utmost respect for it’s employee’s and customers. It’s very sad that they had to close Town Talk. To Karen who posted earlier you can dine somewhere else in this city if you choose but keep you negative and baseless comments to yourself.

  9. rlibson

    I was at the Prairie Ale House yesterday and the food was great the service on the other hand lacking.

    Hopefully they’ll get it all buttoned up. They do have a nice void out in between EP and Chanhassen. Really no direct competition and tons of well healed clientele in that neighborhood.

  10. John M


    Baseless? Karen seems to speak from personal experience. As do you. You have the right to your opinions, which may very well be as baseless as hers.

  11. Jane

    I had heard/read about the Town Talk Diner and several friends and myself wanted to go there for breakfast on a Saturday or Sunday. When the diner was contacted for hours, we were told they open at 10:00 for breakfast. We never went there. I don’t remember exactly when this was, but it happened within the last couple of years. I don’t know if this changed or not recently. Also, I happen to like the St. Clair Broiler and meet people there every six weeks or so.

  12. Candace

    After the change in ownership, the quality of the service and the food went down. It was still expensive but before it could be justified by the owner’s charms and a great bar. I will pay over 15.oo for a burger since it was the best burger I ever ate. The new spot was average, it stopped being unique and so it failed.

  13. morchella

    Sad to lose them. Anyone got a good suggestion of where to get a garlic fry fix??

    And I am still missing Manny’s Tortas….

  14. SS

    utmost respect for its employees??? I worked for them 20 years ago and sounds like nothings changed…by far the worst people I have ever worked for. Not suprised they took this place down.

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